"Frequently asked questions"

Q: "How much do PDR repairs usually cost?"

A: My minimum charge is $100.00 for up to a quarter sized (one inch) dent in an easily accessed area of the vehicle.  Prices go up from there, depending on size, depth, accessibility and/or complexity, especially when damage is larger than a basketball.  Typically (but not always), the cost of PDR is LESS THAN HALF of what conventional Auto Body repair facilities charge, AND you'll save your vehicle's factory finish, which retains the value of your second largest investment.  Mobile services, on-site repairs (House calls) are limited, and come with varying service charges, depending on a few different factors.  

Q: "How long do repairs generally take?"

A: A minimum charge repair usually takes less than 30 minutes, but I have had some LARGE damages take from 3 hours, to multiple days.  Every damage is different, rarely are two dents are exactly the same.  For example, a quarter sized dent with easy access can sometimes take 30 minutes, but in a different vehicle with limited access, or an aluminum panel can take much longer, and is priced accordingly. 

Q: "What are the benefits of PDR?"

A:  PDR allows you to keep your factory paint finish on your vehicle after the process, no grinding, no bondo, no painting at all.  It is most certainly considered a "Green", or "Eco-Friendly" repair.  Repairs are relatively inexpensive compared to Conventional Auto Body repairs, and are usually completed the same day.  

Q: "Is PDR an approved repair by insurance companies?"

A: Absolutely!  I have worked with all major insurance companies repairing vehicles damaged in hailstorms, acorn and walnut damage, and also in the events of vandalism, insurance companies do approve of PDR repairs.  The biggest issue is, PDR repair costs are usually less than your insurance deductible, which is why many insurance companies will refer their customers directly to us.

Q: "Will PDR affect, or damage my vehicle in any way?"

A:  Typically, no.  Unless you are using an inexperienced PDR Technician who doesn't know what they're doing, they CAN actually do damage.  Cracking your paint can lead to rust, heavily wetsanding your paint can burn through your clearcoat, improperly drilling holes and not sealing and/or plugging the holes can lead to rust issues, or not using a rust preventative when the E-Coat is excessively scratched away behind the damage can cause the damaged area to rust from the inside out further down the road.  This is why it is extremely important you make sure you are having a highly experienced individual fix your damage.

Q:"What is NOT able to be repaired using the PDR process?"

A:  These are the top three factors that come into play.                  
          1. If the damage has chipped,splintered, or cracked paint.  
          2. The damage is SO deep, that the metal is actually overstretched, making the metal lose it's memory.  
          3. There is no access to the other side of the panel that is damaged, whether it be a double panel(metal against metal), into an edge on the panel etc.
Each of these things guarantees the repair will not be 100% unnoticeable when finished, and in some cases can not be repaired at all.  BUT, I have repaired hundreds and hundreds of dents with these factors in the damage, and still have had very pleased customers from the results.

Q: "What sets you apart from your competition?"

A: I have nearly 20 years of experience in every facet of PDR.  Working with the public, Auto Dealers, Auto body repair shops, Auto Auctions, Hail damage repairs, you name it, I've done it.  All of these traits have formed me into the Technician I am today.  I am not afraid of the BIG damage.  Many technicians can not handle these sort of repairs properly, so they shy away from them, in fact I often get calls from customers stating that they were told by other PDR companies in the area, claiming their damage was not repairable by using PDR, and I end up repairing the damage and gaining another loyal customer.  I welcome the BIG damage, and have a very "clean" look to my finished product.  I will also add, I am NOT the cheapest PDR company around, I offer a service and quality second to NO ONE in this area, don't take that the wrong way, but at times I have potential customers that are only concerned on price, at the same time they're not realizing the value of the impeccable service, extensive training, and decades of experience that I personally provide, and other Paintless Dent Repair companies are simply not capable of.